Gill Colthart

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I have always been a being creative in the genes or can anyone learn?

My thoughts are that you only need two things to learn a craft,  firstly the desire to do it and secondly patience whilst learning. (It also helps if you have a teacher who has a passion for what she is doing).

Luckily I have both. I was inspired by my Mum's sewing skills - when we were small she used to get her inspiration looking at clothes in the best department stores and magazines and always made sure my sisters and I were the belles of the ball! 

Although I did have sewing & knitting classes at school it was not until we had two daughters that I started knitting, sewing and crocheting and made everything from school skirts to ball gowns, as well as making loose covers, curtains, cushions etc for our home. 

I started teaching, on an ad hoc basis whilst working in The Scottish Office and taught crochet in our lunch break to some of my colleagues. I was the proverbial round peg in a square hole and always knew being a civil servant was not what I wanted to do and I left this position about 20 years ago (how time flies).

I guess it is about being in the right place at the right time and I will always be grateful to the principal of Newbattle Abbey College, near Edinburgh for giving me the opportunity to teach evening classes. My first foray into teaching was an 8 week course on Christmas crafts. This led on to me teaching other crafts in places as diverse as the Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh, the English Speaking Union, The BBC Theatre at Gardening Scotland and in my own garden studio in Perthshire. 

A highlight for me was appearing as a guest for the BBC on The Beechgrove Garden - the longest running gardening programme on UK television. I have also had projects published in magazines and been on radio.

Teaching on cruise ships  is a dream job for me as it is an absolute delight to share my skills and, indeed, learn from the lovely passengers who attend my classes. 

........the first time I taught on a cruise I could see my old office window as we sailed out of the port. Now that WAS a nice feeling!

Thanks for looking and I hope to meet you on a lovely cruise. 


DecoArt Helping Artist

One Stroke Certified Instructor

Nationwide Certificate for Teaching 

& Demonstrating Crafts